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IELTS or International English Language Testing System, is an international standardised test of English language proficiency. It is jointly managed by University of Cambridge ESOL Examinations, the British Council and IDP Education Pty Ltd, and was established in 1989.  ( the rest of the Wikipedia entry here...)

International English Language Testing Service ("IELTS") assesses your English skills. The test is necessary for Nepalis seeking to study or migrate to English speaking countries, excepting the United States. Prospective students take the Academic Test and the hopeful migrant takes the General Test. 

There are four components to the IELTS test:

      • Listening: Listen to a tape for 20 minutes and answer questions within 10 minutes.
      • Reading: Read text material and answer questions.  Time: 60 minutes.
      • Writing: Write a letter or report in 20 minutes. Write an essay in 40 minutes.
      • Speaking: Personal interview, speech and discussion in 15 minutes.

Test results are expressed in a "band: number 0 - 9,  It is a scale scoring system.  No one "fails: the test.

Learning Resource


The British Council's IELTS Preparation website provides introduction to the test, preparation material and sound counsel.  British Council Nepal conducts periodic workshops to familiarize prospective test takers with the IELTS test.
Learning English and Video Podcasts is a production of the Australia Network.  Nepali students preparing for IELTS will find the Study English section of the website helpful. Other Nepali students and prospective students and migrants to Australia, who are learning English (with an Aussie bias) as a Second Language, will find the entire site to be of the greatest relevance. 

IELTS test preparation is a thriving industry in Nepal, as well as online.  We have selected only free resources available online.  The Test Prep Service Provider section below lists some commercial online service providers.  Some of the services provide good explanatory material and free practice materials on their website.

Test Results - Check your results here. The results will be posted 29 days after your test date.

General - Hong Kong Polytechnic's IELTS Online practice materials are excellent and free - Free practice tests from Exam English

Writing - Video lectures on IELTS Writing Test - IELTS Writing Blog: original IELTS writing resources provided by an IELTS instructor - Model Essays

Speaking - Writefix's Guide to IELTS Speaking test - iPass IELTS's Speaking Video tutorials

Listening - ESL Cyber Listening Lab - Listening Exercises - Practice 1

Reading - Worksheet 1

Sample Test - Cambridge University's IELTS 4 Examination Papers (download pdf)

Test Prep Service Providers

Listed below is a random sample of a large global industry.  The providers are neither verified nor endrosed by myLLPS.

Good Luck IELTS aims to "show you how to do your best on the day of the IELTS exams."  This commercial website explain the test's readinglisteningspeaking, and writing sections in depth.  Also, the site features free test samples, instructional videos, and other online resources.

The IELTS Blog proclaims itself to be "your best IELTS study partner."  The site is rich with tips, practice tests, and other relevant materials.

Self Access


MyEnglishExam -  video lectures and more.


Learn English - Learn English in another country beside Nepal.

OnlineBritish Council's Learn English - One Stop English

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IELTS - Writing

IELTS - Reading, Listening, Speaking

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