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GRE Math


The GRE subject test in mathematics is a standardized test in the United States created by the Educational Testing Service, and is designed to assess a candidate's potential for graduate or post-graduate study in the field of mathematics. It contains questions from many fields of mathematics. About 50% of the questions come from calculus (including pre-calculus topics, multivariate calculus, and differential equations), 25% from algebra (including linear algebra, abstract algebra, and number theory), and 25% from a broad variety of other topics typically encountered in undergraduate mathematics courses, such as point-set topology, probability and statistics, geometry, and real analysis.

This exam, like all the GRE subject tests, is paper-based, as opposed to the GRE general test which is usually computer-based. It contains 66 questions, which are to be answered within 2 hours and 50 minutes. Scores on this exam are required for entrance to most math Ph.D. programs in the United States.  ( the rest of the Wikipedia entry here.

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