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Wolfram Demonstration Project

Basic Supply and Demand | Mark Gillis

Shifts in the Demand Curve | Changes in the Budget Line | Sarah Lictblau

Supply and Demand | Price-Yield Curve | Price Controls | Consumer and Producer Surplus | Revenue and Elasticity | Solow Growth Model | Elasticity, Total Revenue, and the Linear Demand Curve | Long-Run Average Total Cost | Profit Maximization in Perfect Competition | Fiona Maclachlan

Break Even | Investment Leverage Effect | Michael Schreiber

The Edgeworth Box | Seth Chandler

Why Location Matters: The Bid Rent Curve | Roger Brown

Money Supply Process | Fiona Maclachlan


Continuous and Discrete Time Discounting | Arne Eide

Simple versus Compound Interest | Discounted Present Value | Investment Returns | Jason Cawley

Present Value Calculator | Craig Bauling

Purchasing Power Calculator | Fiona Maclachlan

Mortgage Calculator | Ed Pegg, Jr

Net Present Value | Fiona Maclachlan

Amortized Loan Interest and Principal | Fiona Maclachlan

Compound Interest Table | Vivek Joshi


AmosWeb | Orley Amos, Oklahoma State University.

Nobel Laureates in Economics | Nobel Foundation

Textbook companion

Economics | Joe Stiglitz and Carl Walsh - web companion to the US textbook, along with quizzes and other learning resources. Macroeconomics - Greg Mankiw - web companion to the US textbook, along with quizzes and other learning resources. 

Economics, (6th ed) | John Sloman, University of the West of England - web companion to the UK textbook, along with quizzes and other learning resources - may require registration.

Essentials of Economics | The portal for online resources and case studies relating to the popular textbook “Essentials of Economics” 


American Economic History – iTunes – J. Bradford Delong, UC Berkeley

Economic Geography of the Industrial World – iTunes – Richard Walker, UC Berkeley.

International Political Economy - iTunes - James Morrison, Middlebury College

Introduction to Economics – iTunes – J. Bradford Delong, UC Berkeley

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Economics is the study of how people make choices to get what they want, when they cannot get everything they want. It has been defined as "the study of scarcity and choice" and is basically about individual choice, decisions people make about what to buy and what not to... More »

Economic Growth

Economic Growth
Economic growth is the increase in the amount of the goods and services produced by an economy over time. (Source:... More »

History of Economic Thought

History of Economic Thought
The history of economic thought deals with different thinkers and theories in the subject that became political economy and economics from the ancient world to the present day. (Source:... More »


Macroeconomics studies the economic decisions of a large group of people; for example, a whole country's economy. Many governments use macroeconomics to decide how much tax to collect, and what interest rates should be. Macroeconomics also looks at exchange rates. For example, if a country has a... More »


Microeconomics is the science of how people make decisions at the small scale. It is different from macroeconomics which looks at how the economy works as a whole ("on aggregate"). In microeconomics, we might look at how a person chooses what to buy at the store, or how... More »