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International Baccalaureate I


This is an introductory course on office management and secretarial practice.

The curriculum for this course has much in common with the one prepared and used by the Tamil Nadu School Board and the National Institute of Open Schooling, both from India.  We have selected the most relevant text material (see below) from their text material to supplement your prescribed study material.  You can download the material or read (it) online.

Learning for this course will be greatly enhanced with classroom notes prepared by instructors or created by students.  Please share yours.  

The study group page(s) below are designed to facilitate social learning.  Students, teachers, and experts in the subject matter(s) may join the groups to share their own notes, references, or learning modules to enhance the knowledge content of the community at large.

IB Chemistry - Topic 1 : Quantitative Chemistry (Topic 1) | Bork

IB Chemistry - Topic 2: Atomic Structure | Bork

IB Chemistry - Topic 3 : Periodicity | Bork

IB Chemistry - Topic 4: Bonding ) | Bork

IB Chemistry - Topic 5 : Energetics | Bork

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